BMW i3 perdarymas

BMW I3, as well as many other electric car models, exploited in Lithuania, came to us from the USA. Of course, the electric vehicle charging sockets in US and Europe are different.

Replacement of  American standard CCS / TYPE1 socket by European CCS / TYPE2 (see photo below) allows:

  • use the Fast Charging (DC) function and plan trips for long distances;
  • connect the fast charging station AC connector without any adapters;
  • sell an electric car at a higher price.

When replacing the socket we make:

  • installation of CCS / TYPE2 socket;
  • the charging socket decorative cover replacement;
  • the vehicle software configuration (ECU programming) replacing;
  • replace the plug TYPE1 to TYPE2 on the existing portable charger.

The whole procedure takes about two working days

Preliminary registration by phone +370 683 05584 (on working days from 9-00 to 17-00) ir required.

Socket BMW I3 from America CCS / TYPE1

European standard CCS / TYPE2 BMW I3 socket

OEM BMW I3 CCS/TYPE2 charging socket

BMW i3 įkrovimo lizdas CCS2