Warranty service and product return

  • The main features of each product sold by Electrocars are referred in the product description. Certain goods are covered by manufacturer’s warranty, the terms and conditions of which are set out in the description of such goods and are detailed in the guarantee voucher.
  • Goods for warranty service should be delivered to Electrocars warranty service, located at Ukmerges str. 315A-1, LT06306, Vilnius, except for the exclusions which are listed in the sections below.
  • Damage caused by the manufacturer fault during the provision of warranty service is eliminated within the following time limits: 14-21 days after the product delivery to the service or within 45 days, if the necessary part should be delivered from abroad. In all cases, the guarantee service is carried within the shortest possible time.
  • In case of the bad-quality goods purchase, the quality assurance provided by the seller does not limit the rights of consumers, which are provided by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Guarantee obligations for various product types

Charging Accessories, Chargers, Charging Cables, Charging Stations (for private use):

  • For mounted accessories (connectors, sockets, contacts), the warranty is provided only after installation (assembly) works made by Electrocars service.
  • The charging station installation (assembly) work must be carried out by Electrocars service technicians or any other company having appropriate licenses and certificates. The documents confirming the quality of the performed installation (assembly) work must be submitted by the Buyer to Electrocars service together with the device to be repaired.

Pay attention

  • All costs associated with the transportation of goods to the warranty service and back from outside the Republic of Lithuania are paid by the Buyer.
  • The warranty period for repaired or replaced goods is not renewed but is valid for the remaining warranty period.
  • The warranty does not apply to information contained on media and drives of  repairable devices. The cost of data loss or recovery is not covered.
  • All expenses made by the Buyer related to the ONLINE service for the goods purchased from Electrocars are paid by the Buyer. Money for unused plans provided by mobile operators and / or incompletely transferred amount of information is not paid or compensated.
  • Qualitative Electrocars products are not accepted back.

Charging stations for public and / or commercial use

  • The warranty terms are described in agreement between Electrocars and the Buyer.

Warranty repairs are made at:

Address: Ukmerges str. 315A-1, LT06306, Vilnius
Phone number: +370 656 34766
We work: Monday to Friday 9-17 hours