Charging station Bee


Charging station Bee comes with 4m spiral or flat cable and TYPE2 or TYPE1 plug.

Power varies from 3.6kW, 16A till 7.2kW, 32A.



Charging station Bee

Charging station Bee is a quality product that is not pricey. It is for use in the garage, parking spaces and other private areas. The Bee’s case meets the IP65 standart and is dust and moisture resistant, that is why this charging station can be used outdoors.

Charging station comes with 4m long spiral or flat cable and TYPE1 or TYPE2 plug. It can have several power options: 3.6kW (16A), 4.6kW (20A), 5.7kW(25A) or 7.2kW (32A). The Bee charging station is assembled in Electrocars workshop from the highest quality ABB components, which ensure long product live and reliability.

If you need bay this item, please contact us directly via mail

We will send you invoice to make payment. We agree payments via bank transfer and PayPal.
If you need invoice without VAT you must provide your VAT code and all details such as address, company name, delivery address and contact person.

Electrocars specialist can install a charging station at your chosen location.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
TYPE of plug

TYPE1 spiral cable, TYPE2 spiral cable, TYPE1 flat cable, TYPE2 flat cable


4,6kW/20A/single phase, 5,7kW/25A/single phase, 3,6kW/16A/single phase, 7,2kW/32A/single phase, 11kW/16A/three phases, 22kW(2×11)32A(2×16)three phase



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