Charging station SolaX Power EV Charger




The charging station SolaX Power EV Charger is a smart device that fully integrates into the home’s electrical energy system. It allows you to optimize the use of the electricity generated by the solar power plant.

The station communicates with the SolaX Power solar power inverter and the energy storage device (if installed) and allows the user to configure the energy system of his house in one of three modes: Green mode, Fast mode or ECO mode.

Green mode allows the charging of the electric car to make maximum use of the electricity generated by the solar plant;

In ECO mode the charging station operates at fixed power, maximising the use of the electricity generated, but when the generation of electricity is very weak, the electricity supplied by the grid will also be used;

Fast mode allows the charging of the electric car as quick as possible. The station will operate at maximum power. When solar generation is taking place, the charging power will even be able to exceed the input power from the ESO grid. The station will aggregate and use all the electricity.

  • The station can be controlled from a mobile phone app or via the SolaX Power web portal;
  • RFID user identification (authorisation);
  • Integrated cable or TYPE2 socket (optional);
  • Charging power from 7.2 to 22kW (depending on the model selected);
  • Charging current from 16 to 32A (adjustable) 230/400VAC;
  • Over-voltage protection;
  • Over-weight protection;
  • Current leakage protection (differential current control);
  • Control of grounding parameters;
  • Dynamic power control (smart meter is not required for this function);
  • Current transformers (sensors) included with the station.

SolaXPower  EV Charger datasheet

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

7,2kW/32A/single phase, 11kW/16A/three phases, 22kW/32A/three phases

TYPE of plug

TYPE2 flat cable, TYPE2 socket