Charging cable TYPE2-TYPE1 Degson®


(Lietuvių) Puikios kokybės Kinijos gamintojo Degson produkcija už adekvačią kainą. Malonus ir kokybiškas plastikas, guminė kabelio izoliacija, monolitinės ir neardomos jungtys.

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Charging cable TYPE2-TYPE1

If you are driving an electric vehicle with a TYPE1 connector, the TYPE2-TYPE1 charging cable will always be your travel assistant. The TYPE2 charging port is used in public places throughout Europe. Using this cable you will be able connect your electric car to the station both in public places and at home.


  • TYPE2 / TYPE1 connectors
  • Maximum charging current 32A
  • Maximum charging power 7.2kW
  • IP54 protection standard
  • Monolithic, non-separable, pleasant to  touch plastic connector housing
  • Cable insulation is made of rubber (stays soft at low temperatures)
  • Cable length is 5 meters

User manual and safety requirements

Useful: The disconnect / lock button on the TYPE1 connector of the cable has a locking option.

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 0.48 x 0.38 x 0.08 m

7,2kW/32A/single phase

Electric car models

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