Portable charger TYPE1


Mode2, TYPE1 plug

230V, current 13A/16A, 5 meters long

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Portable charging cable TYPE1 with charging MODE 2

This portable charger allows you to charge an electric vehicle from an ordinary 230V household socket. Each electric vehicle is equipped with such a portable charging cable.Bag for charger extra 25Eu.

Main characteristics:

  1. Charging with 3kW power;
  2. Operating voltage is 230V;
  3. Charging current is 13A;
  4. Plug for connecting TYPE 1 electric vehicle;
  5. Length of the cable is 5 meters. Device equipped with a spiral cable, so it is recommended to use at a distance of no more than 3.5-4 meters from the outlet to the socket of the electric vehicle to avoiding an excessive tensions. The advantage of a spiral cable is that it does not touch the floor and remains clean.

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TYPE of plug

TYPE1 spiral cable, TYPE1 flat cable


2,9kW/13A/single phase, 3,6kW/16A/single phase