Picking up an order from the Omniva parcel machine is quick and easy! It takes only 15 seconds! The whole procedure is very simple, so you can use this service almost without any instructions.

List of parcel machines

Receiving the parcel

  • When you receive the goods, you need to select the language, then click “Receive the package” and enter the received by e-mail or SMS six-digit code. After entering the code, the doors open and the parcel is already yours!

Tracking of items

  • All Omniva packages can be tracked on the Internet. If you want to find out exactly where the parcel is sent or when it is expected, you can do it on the website www.omniva.lt.

Parcel size and weight

The maximum weight of packages is 30 kg. The parcel must be placed in one of the following boxes:

  • S size — 8 cm x 38 cm x 64 cm
  • M size — 19 cm x 38 cm x 64 cm
  • L size — 41 cm x 38 cm x 64 cm

For each item you will find information about its dimensions and weight. If the item is heavier than 30kg or larger than listed above, the delivery is not possible.

Shipping costs

Country S cost M cost L cost Free from
Lithuania 3 € 4 € 5 € 200 €
Latvia 6 € 7 € 8 € 250 €
Estonia 7 € 8 € 9 € 300 €

Storage period of parcels

The parcel is stored for 7 calendar days after our confirmation that the order is already at the Omniva parcel machine and can be withdrawn. After the expiration of this term, without having used the Omniva service, the parcel returns to UAB “EV Projects”. We remind you that you cannot redirect goods to another delivery location