The charging system for TESLA in the American and Canadian markets is single-phase and has a unique socket.

In Europe TESLA mounts the TYPE2 socket for its electric vehicles. As in the US and Europe, quick charging and charging functions from the home network are realized using one jack for connection. At the moment, TESLA is the only one electric vehicles manufacturer which  combined these functions and allowed charging currents AC and DC through the charging socket same contacts. It is convenient and ergonomic, but it creates a lot of problems in American TESLA exploitation in Europe.

After upgrading your American TESLA and installing the European standard TYPE2 charging socket, the charging system becomes three-phase and its power reaches 22 kW. Charging at home (if equipped)  takes only 4 hours (voltage 400V, current up to 32A). Through the appropriate adapter you can use the fast charging CHAdeMO standard developed network. Undoubtedly, if you sell a modernized TESLA, you can do it at a higher price.

The whole procedure takes about three working days

Preliminary registration by phone +370 683 05584 (on working days from 9-00 to 17-00) required.