Enelion WallBox duo

Solutions for home and business:

  • we will offer the best solution for your house (including multi-apartment) – charging station with AC current from 3,6kW to 22kW;

  • we will recommend the best solution for choosing and installing a charging station from 3,6kW to 44kW (2 × 22kW) for commercial facilities – cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers;
  • we will install DC fast charging stations up to 50kW, ideally suited to taxi companies, courier services and other companies operating their own fleet of electric vehicles;
  • we will execute all design works (if necessary);
  • we will perform all installation works (including an increase of the input capacity, the customer’s network reconstruction or new ESO subscriber connection to  the network);
  • we will carry out warranty and post-warranty servicing of the installed equipment;
  • we will provide ONLINE services for station control and management. In this case, the commercial facility management personnel can monitor the electricity consumption, allow / restrict user access and monitor station parameters.

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